Friends of Quivira NWR

About Friends of Quivira


 Friends of Quvira was found in 1995 through a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of the Interior/U.S. Fish and wildlife Service,  for the purposes of assisting the Refuge with educational programs/events and  stewardship.  It is our ultimate goal that these interpretive and educational oportunities will increase the public's appreciation of our local Refuge and our Nation's fish and willife resources. 

A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION, the Friends of Quivira purpose is to "support the development of the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge."  That purposse includes, but is  not limited to:

  • Inceasing awardness of the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge and it contribtion to the community. 

  • Sustaining the programs of the organization, including education, publications and special Events.

  • Recruiting volunteers and raising funds to support the organization and the educational events.

It takes a large active membership of dedicted Friends to maintain the activties that occur on te Refuge.  We are looking for membes who are interested in perpetuating a Refuge that provides events and education about our Nations wetlands and sand pariries.  We need you and your talents!